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The KaxeZ is Back! Kastaplast’s Disc Golf Community Rejoices

There’s nothing quite like seeing one of your favorite disc molds vanish from the market. Earlier this year, Kastaplast made the heartbreaking announcement that they would discontinue the KaxeZ. But it seems like the Kastaplast team heard the passionate pleas of their fans. Recently, they released a “retooled” version of the Kaxe, carrying the same flight numbers as the beloved KaxeZ. It’s a welcomed sight, especially for those seeking a solid 6 speed disc perfect for your stable slot. With the KaxeZ back (now just Kaxe) in Kastaplast’s line up, let’s take a deep dive into what makes this disc special and why we’re excited to see it back again.

The Kastaplast KaxeZ was an excellent all-purpose disc valued in any thrower’s bag. Given its versatility, trusty flight, and glide, it’s not surprising that it was a popular choice for those seeking an stable fairway driver. The announcement of its discontinuation was met with sadness and disappointment, as many felt that the disc would leave a big hole in the lineup. 

But the recent news of the KaxeZ coming back with a slight tweak in nomenclature caught everyone off-guard. The Kastaplast Retooled Kaxe now has the same flight numbers as the recently discontinued KaxeZ.  The stable but not too stable flight the KaxeZ offered will be back, and given the popularity of the Z, it should be exciting to see the new offering in the same flight numbers.

To make things even better, the KaxeZ is now going to be available in the K1 soft plastic, which is undoubtedly some of the best plastic in the market. K1 soft contains a unique rubbery feel that’s great for grip and seems to have a perfect balance when thrown. It’s unique and durable, which fits the overall vibe of Kastaplast’s out-of-the-box disc designs.

It’s tough to express how excellent the KaxeZ (now just Kaxe) is without throwing it for yourself. It highlights the top qualities of throwing a midrange driver with excellent linear flight. It’s not too understable and won’t flop over quickly, making it perfect for straight shots that lead to a reliable fade. Its glide is smooth and stays in the air for a while, and the fade is dependable, which makes it a great fit for both beginners and experienced players’ bags.

The KaxeZ is back! And it’s now called Kaxe. We couldn’t be more thrilled about this! The Kaxe’s long-awaited return caters to both experienced and novice players. The KaxeZ was a top-selling disc in Kastaplast’s lineup and returned due to popular demand. The disc’s glide and stability make it an all-around player, perfect for those who like a straight flight towards the end and a reliable fade. It seems like the KaxeZ never went away, and we’re excited to see what Kastaplast has in store for us next!
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