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MVP Newsletter Day - November 2022 - Axiom Rhythm - Eclipse Resistor & More!

MVP Newsletter Day - November 2022 - Axiom Rhythm - Eclipse Resistor & More!

AXIOM Discs Special Edition Neutron Rhythm - Understable Fairway Driver



 “Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.” – Maya Angelou

Crash cymbal? Check. Tom Toms? Check. Ride cymbal? Check. Bass drum? Double kick check. Ladies and gentlemen … drumroll please … introducing the raddest SE on tour – the Axiom Rhythm! With punk rock-inspired artwork by the legendary Mike Inscho, the Rhythm marches to the beat of its own drum as it free floats down the middle of long, winding fairways worldwide. Designed to have an easy-to-control tempo, the Rhythm can be easily harnessed to impress your audience and leave them wanting more.

Axiom Discs Neutron Rhythm - Fairway Driver (Stock Stamp)


Please welcome the next great understable disc from Axiom - the Rhythm! With a speed of 7, glide of 5, turn of -2, and a fade of 1, the Rhythm was designed to be either a great first driver or a line shaping fairway driver for power arms. Lower power players will find the Rhythm to be laser straight with a slight fade at the end, making it a great line hitting disc. Higher power players will love the Rhythm for carving up the woods with hyzer flips or natural turnovers from flat, even rollers aren’t out of the question for the Rhythm. Whether you’re looking for your first straight driver or an awesome line shaper, turn to the Rhythm to find your beat on the course.

MVP Eclipse 2.0 Resistor - Fairway Driver

Combining a very flat profile with the industry-leading Eclipse glow plastic, the Eclipse Resistor is a beefy 6.5 speed that can reliably handle all kinds of torque. An extremely underrated disc, the Resistor feels amazing in the hand for forehands and is one of the most consistent discs for forehanders of all skill levels. If you haven’t experienced the controllable fade of a Resistor yet, the amazing glow and slight gumminess of the Eclipse Resistor is a great place to start! Lower your scores with the dependably overstable Eclipse Resistor!

PARSEC - Disc Golf Rangefinder with Case

Disc golf is a game of precision – being off by a few feet can mean the difference between birdie or bogey, driver or midrange, winning or losing. When you need confidence in your shot selection, turn to the Parsec Laser Rangefinder for pinpoint distance measurement. Using the time of flight principle, the Parsec sends a laser pulse in a narrow beam towards the basket, and then measures the time it takes for that laser to be reflected back to the sender. This instant data will give users an accurate distance measurement from which to make their disc selection.

MVP Pod - Practice Stand 

The MVP Pod has been designed as the perfect practice accessory to help increase both your consistency and efficiency. No more bending over after every putt in the yard or throw in the field. Instead, focus on your form and dial it in as you waste very little movement between practice shots. The Pod sits right at waist height and can hold 20-25 discs at a time. And just like our practice baskets, the Pod assembles and disassembles in less than a minute, making transportation and assembly a breeze. With the Pod, you can eliminate distractions and focus on what’s really important – improving your game. While some say “practice makes perfect”, we like to say “practice perfectly with the Pod”.


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