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MVP Newsletter Day!  2022 Gyropalooza, 10th Anniversary Skullboy Volt & More!

MVP Newsletter Day! 2022 Gyropalooza, 10th Anniversary Skullboy Volt & More!


Newsletter day is upon us!  November 11th will bring us the 2022 Gyropalooza Pack, 10th Anniversary Skullboy Volt, & a Dyer's Delight Blank White Neutron Glitch!  Pre Order yours today here

2022 GyroPalooza

We’re proud to announce the next step in our industry-leading Eclipse technology — introducing the Total Eclipse Proxy! For the first time ever, we are introducing color glow rims and cores - producing some truly astounding glow combinations! The Total Eclipse Proxy has to be seen to be believed. With art by the incomparable Mike Inscho, the Total Eclipse Proxy is our gift to GYROnauts around the world. Available exclusively in the GYROpalooza 2022 pack, keep your eyes out for core and rim combinations of white, aqua, green, purple, and teal!

The second exclusive for the 2022 GYROpalooza pack, it’s the Prototype Color Glow Eclipse Envy! These prototypes have all of the power of Eclipse plastic, now with cores that radiate vibrant colors!! These prototypes come with Color Eclipse cores of blue, teal, green, or purple — producing a beautiful glow to match the flight of the beloved Envy. Available only in the 2022 GYROpalooza pack!

Let’s not forget the added value of the 12 assorted Lab Second discs! These discs have been hand sorted to ensure an ideal variety of both molds and types, so you’ll be sure to get something from each class — putter, mid, fairway, and driver! There will be more drivers than putters and mids, but we’ve placed an extreme emphasis on variety this time. Each pack will serve as a great introduction to GYRO® or a cost effective way to expand your lineup — making it a tremendous gift idea too!

10th Anniversary Special Edition Skullboy Neutron Volt

This disc is being produced in weights of 170-175.

"Let me put it in terms you’ll understand, my dear Madame. Things are about to get shockingly loud--FZZZZZTBOOOOOOM!" Skulboy himself is back to help us celebrate the anniversary of one of the longest-tenured molds in our lineup, the Volt! As you’ll no doubt notice, we went all out for this SE. Complete with a stylized bottom ghost stamp, and featuring some of our new stamping technology, the 10-Year Anniversary SE Volt pulled out all of the stops to celebrate one of the best fairway drivers in the game. With art like this on such a fan-favorite disc, the 10-Year Anniversary Volt SE is sure to be a hit! Preorder Today!

Dyer's Delight Blank White Neutron Glitch

The Glitch has been the hottest MVP disc of the year!  This is a Hybrid Disc Golf Putter/Catch disc that makes it easy to throw dead straight lines, and doubles as a warmup disc to play catch before and after the round! wants to help support all our Disc Golf Dyer's by making these available at the lowest possilble price!  Preorder yours here

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