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MVP June Newsletter!  Brand New MVP Watt, Axiom Fission Rhythm, Eclipse Hex and More!

MVP June Newsletter! Brand New MVP Watt, Axiom Fission Rhythm, Eclipse Hex and More!

Special Edition MVP Neutron Watt - Putt & Approach

Check it out, folks! Newcomen's steam engine design is old news, but that doesn't mean it can't get an upgrade. Imagine a separate chamber for steam condensation - now we're talking! As a mechanical engineer and chemist, I'm excited to show you just how incredible it could be. Plus, I've got some plans to improve letter copying too! But let's talk about James Watt - this guy was the real deal during the Industrial Revolution. He improved the steam engine in a major way, leading to even more powerful and cost-effective designs. He even came up with the concept of horsepower and invented the rangefinder. So cool, right? His work was so impressive that we named a unit of power after him - the watt. To honor him, we've got the Neutron Watt disc in our Scientist Series, designed by Mike Inscho. You don't want to miss out on this one!

Discover the Neutron Watt, an impressive putter that exceeds all expectations. Boasting flight numbers of 2 | 5 | -0.5 | 0.5, the Watt has unparalleled glide for a full-weight putter. With a deep profile similar to its cousins, the Ohm and Pilot, this workable putter delivers laser-straight lines, beautiful turnovers, and reliable grip for driving. If you're searching for a neutral to stable putter, the Neutron Watt is definitely worth the try.

Axiom Special Edition Fission Rhythm - Fairway Driver -

"Cracked Bell Gets a Second Chance Thanks to Skilled Craftsmen!"

The initial ringing of the magnificent bell meant for the new clock tower ended up causing a crack, but all is not lost thanks to the talents of John Pass and John Stow who have offered to recast it. This bell is sure to become a national treasure! In the spirit of patriotism, celebrate the 4th of July with the Special Edition Fission Rhythm featuring Axiom's rendition of the Liberty Bell ringing loudly. Made in the U.S.A, this special edition commemorates the year 1776 – so, ring those chains like it's the 18th century with the SE Fission Rhythm from Green C Studio.

Axiom Fission Rhythm, Fairway Driver |

NEW Fission Rhythm

Get ready for the next level of disc golf! The Axiom Rhythm just got an upgrade, and it's called the Fission Rhythm. It's made with our new, super cool GYROscopic plastic to help you slice through the air like a pro. This fairway driver is great for players of all levels, whether you're new to the game or a seasoned pro. With its awesome flight properties and easy-to-control design, you'll be ruling the fairway in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Try out the Fission Rhythm and see the difference for yourself!

Axiom Eclipse Hex - Midrange |

Axiom Eclipse Hex

Get ready to light up your disc game with Axiom's Eclipse Hex! This midrange disc is the bomb-diggity and is now available in the awesomest glow plastic around. It flies laser straight and can handle whatever power you put behind it without flippin’ over. And with the grippy, slightly gummy Eclipse plastic, your throws will be on point even in the dark of night. Consistency rules, and the Eclipse Hex delivers every time. So, get your glow on and snag one today!


POD Version 2, The Pod Disc Stacker

Introducing the Pod v2! We heard your requests loud and clear - you wanted it taller, and we delivered! The refined base makes for a smaller footprint, and with two 3" extensions, you can customize its height and add even more space for discs. Get ready for the ultimate practice sessions with our upgraded POD DISC STACKER.

Get pumped, disc golf enthusiasts! The MVP June Newsletter is loaded with excitement. Are you ready for the Eclipse Hex, the Fission Rhythm, or the new MVP Neutron Watt? Carve your way through the course with ease. And don't worry, you can snag them all at Let's hit the links!


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