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Mint Discs Lobster Finesse Midrange in Apex Plastic!  Releases July 6th!

Mint Discs Lobster Finesse Midrange in Apex Plastic! Releases July 6th!

By July 6th you have had 2 days to recover from the independance day festivities and should be ready to hit the disc golf course!  Just in time we have a new release from Mint Discs that will help you hit your hyzer flip and turnover lines!  The Lobster in Apex Plastic is sure to earn a spot in your bag by giving you an accurate midrange that you can depend on to get you close to the basket!  

Before we get in to our thoughts on the Apex Lobster, check out these throws from Mint Disc Pro Matthew Barajas!

Once we got our hands on one there were two comparisons that quickly came to mind,  the MVP Uplink, and the Discraft Meteor.  The Lobster has a similar profile and flight to these two existing discs.  The Apex plastic is exactly like MVP Neutron plastic so you get that amazing grip along with a touch of flexibility.  

If like me you are in constant search of that perfect understable midrange, then you should definately give the Lobster a shot! Thrown hard on a hyzer line it will flip over and finish right.  Throw it smooth on a hyzer line and watch it flip up to flat and finish straight.  It performs great in any tailwind but it would be advised to reach for something with a little more stability in a headwind.

There are two types of players that will benefit from the Lobster!  For beginners this would make a great first midrange, as it doesn't take much power to get it to reach its intended flight.  Next would be players who are looking for a disc that will perform like that perfectly seasoned midrange that has been in the bag for years! 

For those of you that can throw your midranges 400 feet the Lobster isn't going to have the stability you need.  It could be a great turnover or tailwind disc for you, but likely you will be reaching for the Bobcat or the Mustang.  The Lobster is going to be a much better fit for those of us mere mortals that are choosing our mids for shots at 200-300 feet.  

 Will the Lobster be a part of your Main Course!  Let us know below!  

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