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Get Ready for Discmania's New S-Line

Get Ready for Discmania's New S-Line

On February 22nd at 11AM EST, disc golfers everywhere will be celebrating the release of the new S-Line from Discmania. This 5-star blend features exceptional feel, superior grip, remarkable glide, great durability, and a high-quality finish. All these qualities give disc golfers the confidence to make their next shot. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this new line of discs stand out!

  • Feel

When you grab a new S-Line disc for the first time, you can feel it. You can feel the quality and consistency from the soft and silky grip that is resilient in wet or cold conditions. This helps you to control your disc better so you can make your shots with more confidence.

  • Grip

One of the standout features of this new line of discs is its superior grip. Discmania has incorporated a special manufacturing process that ensures each disc is ready to help you reach your goals on the course.

  • Glide

The new S-Line also offers straighter and less over stable flights compared to other lines like C-line. This feature is perfect for players who want more accuracy with their shots as they are able to control their shots better and curve them around obstacles more easily.

S-Line DD3 (Click to Purchase)

S-Line FD (Click To Purchase)

S-Line PD (Click To Purchase)

The new S-Line from Discmania is sure to be an instant hit with disc golfers everywhere! With its exceptional feel, superior grip, remarkable glide, great durability and high quality finish; this 5 star blend gives golfers the confidence they need to make their next shot successful. So mark your calendars for February 22nd at 11AM EST and get ready for Discmania’s brand new S-Line! ## 🥏 🎯 🎷 🤩 💯 🔥 #discgolf #discmaniasline #discgolfersunite! #SlineDiscGolfFever! #DiscGolfRevolution! #GoDiscGolfing! #DiscManialineup! #DiscManiaFamily!


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