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Gannon Buhr’s Departure From Prodigy Disc Causes Uproar in Disc Golf Industry

Gannon Buhr’s Departure From Prodigy Disc Causes Uproar in Disc Golf Industry

17-year-old disc golf phenom, Gannon Buhr, recently stunned the disc golf world by announcing his departure from Prodigy Disc Golf after 6 years of being sponsored by them. But what was thought to be a quiet and simple parting of ways has quickly become a legal battle as Prodigy is now suing him for breach of contract. In this article, we’ll explore the details that are emerging in this very public dispute.

According to reports, Gannon had worked with a lawyer to determine that the contract between himself and Prodigy was void due to unfulfilled obligations on their end. These included not providing Gannon with a PDGA Rookie of the Year disc or allowing him to select his signature disc (which he was supposed to receive two of, but only got one). Additionally, Gannon complained about quality control issues and how they affected his earning potential.

Gannon Buhr 2022 Signature disc, instead of a separate ROY disc it was stamped on his regular signature disc.

Since news broke that Gannon and Prodigy were involved in a legal battle, many have voiced their opinions on social media. Those who support Gannon feel that he is justified in leaving because he had been promised certain privileges which were never fulfilled. On the other side, some people feel like Prodigy was within its rights as they provided sponsorship opportunities which enabled Gannon's career and gave him a platform on which to shine.

As expected, Prodigy has released an official statement regarding this situation. In it they express disappointment at Gannon’s decision but acknowledge that they couldn’t commit all resources necessary for him at this time due to other obligations and partnerships they must maintain. They also state that their goal is still for young disc golfers like Gannon to grow their careers through sponsorships such as theirs and remain hopeful that those who choose to partner with them will continue honoring any agreements made between parties involved.

Disc golfers around the world have been watching this drama unfold with rapt attention – it appears unlikely that either side will back down anytime soon! It remains unclear how things will play out between Prodigy and Gannon Buhr but one thing is certain – this story has left many people talking about how young disc golfers can protect themselves when entering into these kinds of contracts with sponsorships companies.  It wasn't that long ago when most disc golf contracts were not much more than a conversation and a handshake.  But now with the tremendous growth in disc golf, you can bet manufacturers and players are gonna need to "Lawyer Up"

The real question that we are asking, is what made a Die Hard Prodigy fan like Gannon Buhr want to jump ship.  He had a stellar season, and definately deserved to compensated for it, was Prodigy not willing to step up to the plate? 

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