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Feel the Grace with Latitude 64’s Newest Addition: The Orbit Plastic Grace Distance Driver

Feel the Grace with Latitude 64’s Newest Addition: The Orbit Plastic Grace Distance Driver

 Are you looking for a disc golf disc that will take your game to a whole new level? Look no further than the Latitude 64 Grace Distance Driver! This versatile disc is designed to have the control of a fairway driver and the distance of a high-speed driver, all while maintaining a neutral flight and great glide. But what makes this disc even better? It’s now available in beautiful Orbit plastic! And if that wasn't enough to convince you, top disc golfer Kristin Tattar can’t get enough of the Grace. Keep reading to learn why the Grace should be your next disc golf purchase.

Versatility is Key with the Grace
The Grace combines the best of both worlds – the control of a fairway driver and the distance of a high-speed driver – to give you a disc that can do it all. Whether you are nailing hyzer flip max distance shots or looking to add some smoothness to your game, the Grace is a great option. Plus, with the neutral flight and great glide, you'll have the confidence to throw the Grace in any situation, even in windy conditions.

Orbit Plastic Gives You the Perfect Blend
The Grace has always been a fan favorite, but now that it's available in beautiful Orbit plastic, it's even better. This new plastic blend gives you the perfect mix of durability, grip, and trust you need on the course. You can trust the Grace to hold up, even in harsh conditions, thanks to the Orbit plastic's added durability. Plus, with the added grip, you'll be able to feel the disc in your hand as you unleash it towards the target.

Top Players Love the Grace
If you're still not convinced, just listen to top disc golfer Kristin Tattar! She fell in love with the Grace after just a few throws because of its perfect plastic blend that's easy to trust, even in harsh conditions. Tattar has been competing and winning with Latitude 64 discs for years, so if she loves the Grace, you know it's a disc worth trying out.

Get Ready to Feel the Grace
If you haven't already added the Grace Distance Driver to your disc golf bag, now is the time. This versatile disc is perfect for any player looking to up their game. Its unique blend of control and distance make it a must-have, and the addition of Orbit plastic only sweetens the deal. And with top players like Kristin Tattar singing its praises, you know that you're investing in a disc that can help take your game to the next level.

The Latitude 64 Grace Distance Driver is a disc golf disc that any player won’t regret having in their bag. With its versatility, Orbit plastic, and support from top players like Kristin Tattar, the Grace is a disc that shouldn't be underestimated. So get ready to feel the Grace on your next disc golf round and see how it can help you elevate your game.

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