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Discmania D-Line P1 (Flex 2) Putt & Approach available August 24th 11am EST

Discmania D-Line P1 (Flex 2) Putt & Approach available August 24th 11am EST

Discmania Manufacturing is going full force and has been not stop with the amazing drops!  By now I am sure you have gotten in a few rounds with your New S-Line Cloudbreaker, and are keeping an eye out for the Simon Lizotte Tilt but make sure you do not miss the D-Line P1!  The D1 has less stability than the P2 which will help keep it straighter on those outside the circle putts!  The low profile makes for a great throwing putter also!  You will be amazed at how straight you can get it to down a tight fairway with a Hyzer Flip shot!  Get yours on release date, August 24th, at!


Here is what Discmania has to say about it:

P1 is back and better than ever before. We went back to the drawing board to create a new and unique take on everyone's favorite straight-flying putter. The slightly convex, rounded bottom provides a smooth and natural feel in hand that is suitable for players of all skill levels.

As a slightly shallower cousin to the P2, this putter fits well with just about any type of grip style and is a tool you can count on for absolute precision both on the tee pad and on the green. Find your favorite flight with the P1!

First Run D-line Flex 2 P1 will also be available in and Discmania Store Europe! Don't miss your chance on grabbing yourself a piece of Discmania history!

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