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GolfDisco original

GolfDisco original "Viva La Fiesta"

Playing disc golf is not just about the scores and the win. It's a complete sensory experience that's made even better by rocking a disc that looks good. And what could look better than GolfDisco's latest mariachi-themed design - "Viva La Fiesta" - with a metallic finish that shines like the sun! In this blog post, we'll explore everything you need to know about this latest design.

The "Viva La Fiesta" design by GolfDisco is a triple-foil design that features a skeleton rocking out on an acoustic guitar. The design is perfect for anyone who loves music, disc golf, and vibrant colors. The metallic rainbow finish is a sight to behold under the sun and is sure to turn your opponents' heads.

GolfDisco has come up with a range of MVP and Thought Space Athletics (TSA) drops that are stamped with this amazing design.

Viva la fiesta golfdisco original triple foil mvp glitch proxy volt watt

The MVP Drop includes:

50 Soft Neutron Glitch, 60 Neutron Watt, 50 Electron Volt, and 50 Eclipse Proxy.

thought space athletics tsa viva la fiesta infinite halo emperor golfdisco original

The TSA Drop includes: 

30 Aura Construct, 12 Aura Omen, 23 Aura Pathfinder, 20 Aura Votum, 50 Ethereal Animus, 49 Ethereal Pathfinder, 10 Ethereal Synapse, 30 Ethos Animus, 10 Ethos Omen, 10 Ethos Synapse, and 12 Nebula Ethereal Omen. The design is also stamped on 20 Infinite Discs Halo Emperor discs.

Everyone loves a good party, and GolfDisco's "Viva La Fiesta" design is the perfect way to add some festive vibes to your disc golf game. You'll feel like you're playing under the mariachi beats of Mexico as you rock out with your golf discs. The design is perfect for both beginners and seasoned players.

Overall, GolfDisco's "Viva La Fiesta" design is a refreshing addition to the world of disc golf. From the triple-foil finish to the mariachi-themed design, this design screams "fun" from every angle. So why not add some excitement to your disc golf game and pick up some of these discs today? You're sure to turn heads and elevate your game to new heights!

We had a second MVP release of this design in November of 2023.  This run consisted of 50 Axiom Neutron Hex, 60 Axiom Neutron Timelapse, and 50 Axiom Neutron Pyro.  The foils used in this run were Black, Silver Stars, and Rainbow Stripes. 

The original artist for this design was Aldwin Tagar with edits from our Team artist Ula. 

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