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Axiom - Paradox - Soft Proton - OTB Open 2024 - Phase 1


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OTB Open 2024 - MVP Discs - SOFT PARADOX- Phase 1 

OTB Open Proton Soft Paradox – Understable midranges are very useful on the course and the Paradox is definitely understable! Made to be extremely understable the Paradox is a great beginners disc and is amazing for anyone looking for big turnover shots! It is a disc that will not think about hyzering, it likes to flip and hold the anhyzer line. This is a great disc for quick flip rollers for power arms making it easy to access some tricky greens. We’re excited to see such a fun, workable, and understable midrange in the ever-popular Soft Proton plastic! Pirate Nate killed it with the artwork on this years run adding to the awesome collective of artwork in Phase 1 of the 2024 OTB Open drop. Make sure you pick up an OTB Open Proton Soft Paradox today!

From MVP about the release: ‘“Beauty is not caused. It is.” – Emily Dickinson

Sometimes the most simple things can be the most beautiful. Seashells, pearls, and more, Pirate Nate brings us a reminder to always find the beauty around us on the Proton Soft Paradox. As a very understable midrange, the Paradox is perfect for creating captivating hyzer-flip lines and turnovers for all arm speeds. Now even more visually striking in Proton Soft plastic, find your perfect line with the 2024 OTB Open Proton Soft Paradox!