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MVP - Glitch - 2024 OTB Open Soft Proton -Phase 1


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OTB Open 2024 - Axiom Discs - PROTON SOFT GLITCH

OTB Open Proton Soft Glitch – The Glitch is everyone’s favorite and after last year’s epic OTB Open Glitch release we decided to run it back in a new plastic blend. The 2024 OTB Open Glitch comes in the beautiful Proton Soft plastic that has become a fan favorite. Ripper Studios killed it with the artwork on this years run adding to the awesome collective of artwork in Phase 1 of the 2024 OTB Open drop. Make sure you pick up an OTB Open Proton Soft Glitch today!

From MVP about the release: ‘ “Don’t panic.” -Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Ripper Studios marks his return to the OTB Open with a bang! Sure to turn heads on the Proton Soft Glitch, Ripper accurately illustrates the mind melting powers the Glitch brings to your disc golf bag or your pre-round warm up routine. The Glitch – one of the most fun discs ever created, and a great introductory disc – is no longer our best kept secret, but you can get the first release of the Proton Soft Glitch while they last!’