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Introducing the Koi Nishikigoi - a disc that'll make your disc golf friends go crazy! Our exclusive triple foil design adds flair, style and pizzazz to any disc bag. Show off the stunning orange and teal koi fish pattern with pride on the course, or move it directly onto your wall of art pieces. After all, it's too beautiful not to look at!

Have you ever wished playing golf was as fun and effortless as playing your favorite video game? Now, with the GolfDisco Exclusive “Koi Nishikigoi” Soft Neutron Glitch from MVP, it can be! With the incredible Soft Neutron Glitch, you can glide your way around obstacles and have your disc effortlessly land softy near the basket. It’s so easy to use, it practically feels like you’re cheating! And to top it all off, this incredible disc is also fantastic for casual catch disc play with friends - warm up before your round has never been more enjoyable. So don’t delay - experience golf gaming at its finest today with the GolfDisco Exclusive “Koi Nishikigoi” Soft Neutron Glitch from MVP - get yours now!

Coming soon!  

GolfDisco Exclusive Koi Neutron Soft Glitch, pink


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