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Axiom - Time-lapse - Neutron - SimonLine - BLANKS


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Introducing the highly anticipated Simon Line's first stock release - the Neutron Time-Lapse! As the first 12-speed Distance Driver in MVP Disc Sports history, this disc is making waves. With flight numbers of 12 | 5 | -1 | 3, the Time-Lapse offers incredible potential as your go-to bomber or favorite flex-line smasher. Experienced players will appreciate its dependable straight-to-overstable flight, while high-power players can unleash some impressive turn. Don't underestimate its versatility - newer players will find it invaluable as a line shaper or wind fighter. Experience limitless possibilities with a Neutron Time-Lapse in your bag.

With a Speed of 12, Glide of 5, Turn -1, and Fade of 3 it looks like MVP and SImon are giving us the perfect distance driver!  Fast enough for max distance lines, however with a managable rim size and enough control to keep it in the fairway!