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Simon Lizotte's Tour Ready

Simon Lizotte's Tour Ready "In the Bag" Video

Ready for an exclusive look into the elite disc golf bag of Simon Lizotte? Simon recently released his very first "In The Bag" video as a MVP sponsored player, showing us firsthand how one of pro's top-notch players prepares and approaches their game. Get a glimpse of all his current favourite gear from MVP! So don't delay - take a deep dive with us as we follow Simon straight to tourney time with only the best in tow.

Putt & Approach:

Simon let's us know he is feeling confident on the green! - He's all stocked up with white Electron Anodes as his putter and a Soft Neutron Glitch to get around those pesky obstacles.  We saw Lizotte and James Conrad warming up with a glitch during the All-Star weekend, and have seen him crush them over 350' in some of his Vlog's!  It is safe to say the glitch is probably going to be a mainstay in his bag!  

Simon is really mixing things up with his approach disc selection! While most players opt for the ENVY, Simon has been trusting in a Streamline Neutron Stabilizer. He says it does exactly what he wants it to do - and if that's not enough of an endorsement I don't know what would convince you! Simon has also found success tossing the Neutron Spin and Soft Neutron Proxy. For his turnover throws, he is relying on the trusty control provided by the former, while for more straight stable flights he knows that turning to the latter gives him consistent results every time! 


Simon's turn to the Hex is no shocker - he knows his trusty workhorse! He'll be chucking a Neutron Hex which he can trust to flip up with hyzer and turn when thrown flat.  We also can't forget about his first Axiom Signature Team Series Disc, the "Leapin' Lizottl'", which when thrown hard and flat will zoom straight down the fairway with a gentle fade at the end!  

Simon Lizotte's got tons of power, so having a stable midrange is essential. To get the job done he turned to the Proton Prism Pyro for his main overstable mid and Neutron Deflector as a Utility mid when extreme stability is called for! 

Fairway and Distance Drivers: 

Simon is ready to show off his disc golf skills with an exciting mix of fan favorites! He'll be performing Hyzer Flips Turnover shots, and Rollers, using the Neutron Crave, while he relies on Eclipse Glow Resistor and Neutron Fireball when he is looking for a stable flight with reliable fade. Also making the bag, Gyronauts know it well: the Proton Tesla is a trusted companion, soaring through the sky with total consistency and ending its journey in an expertly executed fade.

Max Distance Drivers: 

Simon is a top-tier disc golfer, and his word on Max Distance Drivers carries weight! He loves the Neutron Defy for reliable distance off the tee, as well as its slightly less understable counterpart; The Neutron Trace.  Then we have a triple threat ready to roll. He's got his Neutron Panic, Delirium and Dimension drivers loaded for maximum distance perfect for anyone who has that maximum arm speed! The Panic is a Speed 13 Driver, the Delirium and Dimension are a whopping 14 Speed!  All three have a Fade rating of 3 so definitely not for us mere mortals!  Get ready as watching Simon sending any of these three top-notch discs flying down the fairway is sure to be an impressive spectacle out on the course!

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