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Discmania Paradigm- Achieving Excellence in a Distance Driver - February 15th @ 11AM

Discmania Paradigm- Achieving Excellence in a Distance Driver - February 15th @ 11AM

For disc golfers seeking to achieve excellence on the course, look no further than the Paradigm distance driver. Designed to fit comfortably in your hand, the Paradigm is a speedy driver that combines the best of both worlds – fairway driver and distance driver characteristics. This disc offers players an uncanny ability to manipulate flight paths with its slightly understable nature, allowing for “s-curve” shots, dead straight throws, and reliable hyzer lines all in one.

What sets the Paradigm apart is its versatility. With its slightly understable nature, it can reach maximum distances when thrown with an anhyzer (“s-curve”) shot. It's also great for tailwind shots due to its under-stability in those conditions. Plus, it has just enough fade at the end of its flight path so you don't have to worry about overshooting your target.

For those looking for more control out of their disc, the Paradigm delivers here too with its reliable hyzer lines and straighter flights. Its design allows for easy manipulation of left-to-right flights without breaking too far off track. Additionally, this disc provides a great opportunity for touch forehand throws as it has just enough stability to give you confidence while still providing accuracy and precision on your throw.

Here is a first look at this new driver: 

If you're looking for a distance driver that can do it all – from s-curves and tailwind shots to forehand throws and straight flights – then look no further than the Paradigm distance driver. With its slightly understable nature, this disc excels at providing maximum control over your throw while still delivering accuracy and power on each shot. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started in disc golf, this is one disc you won't want to leave behind on your next round! Get yours on February 15th at 11am at GolfDisco!

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