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GolfDisco Exclusive

GolfDisco Exclusive "Hurit"

Introducing "Hurit," a stunning design that is sure to look hanging on your wall or flying down the fairway.  This GolfDisco exclusive was released on July 29th, 2023 and features a stunning triple foil design encompassing Holo Rainbow Fade, Gold, and Black foils – a truly mesmerizing combination.

Stamped on 70 Soft Neutron Glitch, 60 Eclipse Hex, and 55 Fission Rhythm, there are 165 of these extraordinary discs were stamped for the first run.  

For the first time ever, we are offering a unique disc pairing - "Hurit" and "Tohopka." In Native American language, "Tohopka" translates to "Wild Beast," complementing the grace and allure of "Hurit." This set, aptly named Beauty and the Beast, encompasses all the essential qualities for success on the disc golf course. With Confidence, Courage, and Poise symbolized by "Hurit," and Strength, Power and Guile exemplified by "Tohopka," these discs together make an unbeatable team.

This amazing stamp was designed by our GolfDisco Design team and inspired by my Native American Ancestry.  I hope you guys love it as much as we do. KJHurit and Tohopka, GolfDisco exclusive

Don't miss out on this exceptional release – complete your collection with "Hurit" and "Tohopka" today!

2nd run:  The reception for our "Hurit" Design has been exceptional and due to the demand we do have a second run in the works!  The second run will be slightly different foils, with Rainbow Fade, Holo Gold, and Black.  There will be 50 Eclipse Hex, 50 Eclipse ENVY, and 50 Eclipse Reactor.  We expect these to be available late July or Early August. 

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